About Us

creepGEAR was created by us...

We are the Wall Brothers from San Pedro, CA.

We are NOT associated with Minecraft in any way.  However, we've played Minecraft for several years & we still try to play Minecraft as much possible.

Recently we started creating our own "Minecraft Art" and playing around with Photoshop, Maya, Microsoft Publisher, and other programs to create our own (AKA distorted) Minecraft art.

We also created a website that allows anybody to order our work on apparel & gear such as tshirts, stickers, and more.

We also added a "DESIGN YOUR OWN" feature that allows anybody to add upload art work to create custom gear.  You can also use our artwork and add your own text such as your name.

For example, "I attack creepers",  "Kevin loves Minecraft", etc.

You can check out our designs at creepGEAR.com.

You will also find a link to the "DESIGN YOUR OWN" feature.  It's easy-to-use.



To see how to "create your own" design, click the button below to see the HOW TO VIDEO: